Marriage registration is one of the most important tasks connecting to a wedding. Marriages are registered in the State of Goa under the Code of Civil Registration irrespective of their religions.

Marriage Registration offers a juridical status to the marriages under the law. Marriage could be proved by the certificate of marriage issued by Civil Registrar.

The Registration Department with its eleven offices of Civil Registrars-cum-Sub Registrars one each in each Taluka and Office of the State Registrar-cum-Head of Notary Services at Panaji, and two offices of the District Registrars of North Goa and South Goa basically deal with recording and preserving evidentiary matters relating to contracts, status, testamentary dispositions, etc., of individual citizens, like marriages & other services. The Departmental work deals principally with the formal aspects of the transactions and creates or registers records with the special duty to permanently preserve the same for making authentic certified copies there from in future.

The website provides a marriage related services to the citizens to get their marriage registration through the website, which will go through a screening process before acceptance. Using this website, Applicant can also make online payment for application fee, take appointments, etc. After the completion of Registration the Applicant will recieve Digitally Signed Marriage Certificate through the system.

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